Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Is My Kind Of Winter!

I know it's been forever since I blogged. Every time I sat down to catch up it seems like to much to do. So I decided not to! I am just going to blog the most recent event.
It was so warm and beautiful this week, I could not pass up a park day with my kids. Nothing is better then a little sun and happy kids(well most of the time:).
Buy Buy sun, I will miss you very much! I cannot wait to see you again.

A brief catch up: My girls are 19 months now, and Jaxson turned 4 in June. Things are so much easier these days. They have so much personality, I'm loving it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


This moment I had today was almost an outer body experience. I have had a lot of hectic moments with my three kids, but this one tops them all. This was like brain over load.

So later today I went to use the bathroom. The girls were fine just playing in the family room with their toys, and Jaxson was down stairs watching TV. When all of a sudden I heard a “BOOM”, and then I could hear Madelyn crying really hard. The only thing I could think of that could of fell was the table top to the high chair. I had placed it on the counter and so I thought that maybe Maddy pulled it down and it fell on her and then landed on the tile floor. So I quickly finished in the bathroom to see what had happened . When I got to the family room I looked down to where they were and all I could see what a massive pile of dirt.
We have this little table the sits in the corner behind a love chair. Its actually is hard to get back there but on the top of the table sits this really big potted plant that we have had for about 10 years. Madelyn got back there pulled on the table, I assume, until the pot slid off the table and fell down. I also assume that for some lucky reason she didn't get hit by it just scared that it fell, because by the time I got there Madelyn was almost was done crying. I Made sure Madelyn was okay and then realized her and Addison had hand fulls of dirt and dirt in their mouth. So I don't know what to do because I have the amount of a small bag of dirt spilled all over my carpet and two babies with dirt in their mouth and hands. I get the dirt out of their hands and mouth and decided to place them in my bedroom with the door shut. I knew they wouldn't like this and cry, but I needed to put them somewhere were they would be safe and not be able to get into the mess. When I get back to the family room I notice that the front door was open, and Tres is missing. “What!” How did my front door get open? So Tres had escaped outside in our little community. The problem with that is that we get in trouble when this happens. It seems like there is a lot of old people who don't like dogs and is always is tattling on people with dogs.
Anyway I know that it's going to take me 10 to 15 minutes just to clean up so I decide I better go get Tres outside. I get outside walk to my grass and see Tres is a couple of houses down. I call for him but of course he doesn't come. Right at that very moment my big toe hurts so bad I screamed. I looked down and there was this bee stuck to my toe. “I HAD GOT STUNG, AND THE BEE IS STUCK!” I have to pick the bee off my toe then pull out the stinger. Instantly my toe swells up.
Now up to this point it truly has been less then one minute long. After I pull the stinger out I limp to get Tres because my toe is hurting so bad. I finally get Tres inside and began to clean up my 15 minute mess while all this time my girls are stuck in my bedroom crying.
The only word to describe that moment is “CHAOS!”

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Preschool Graduation

If you want to watch something that is sooooooo cute and super entertaining it is a preschool graduation. I smile just thinking about it!
So Jaxson graduated from his 3 year old preschool class. I actually thought he had quite a lot to memorize for graduation, but what do I know. He said the Pledge Alegence, his very own solo song called "Silly Snake, and he had a short line to give. Every kid in his class is adorable! If you look in the picture below there was this little girl that hid her whole face with a stuffed animal the entire graduation, even when she sang her song. It was so funny and cute!
My sweet little Jaxson is growing up!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Pledge Alegence

I thought it is so cute that my three year old can say the Pledge of Alegence. By the way it's not food on his face, he skinned his nose on the cement when he tripped.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspired Mothers

I thought it would be fun to have a blog where anyone can share a thought, a quote, a tip, etc.. on anything to do with family. Something that has inspired or helped you in any way.
This won't go very far if no one contributes, but would be so much fun if many did.
Check it out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


This week we took the girls for their 1 year visit and Jaxson had to come because we were all sick so I couldn't leave him with my mom. Anyway My doctor came into the room and one of the first things Jaxson says to him is "Doctor why do you have fur?"
"What was your question?" He asked.
"Why do you have fur?" Jaxson said again.
As I looked down at what Jaxson was referring to I realized he was referring to the doctors really hairy arms.
Oh great, what do I say to that!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's This?

Here is some pictures of the girls eating/playing with their cake.

Here is Jaxson ready to blow out their candles.

Addison only played with it.

Madelyn seemed to like it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Addison and Madelyn!

WE MADE IT! I've been telling everyone that I need to throw myself a party. Even though it has been a really hard year, it has gone by so fast. They are a huge blessing in our lives, and I am grateful for each moment I have with them. It was quite the roller coaster ride to get these two beautiful babies.
Since it took us about 3 years to get Jaxson, we decided we would go back to our fertility specialist after Jaxson turned one, not knowing how long it would take us again. When I went to see Dr. Andrews I had a feeling that I need to skip the insemination procedure and go straight to doing invitro. To find out later that Jaxson was a miracle. Anyway to make a long story short It took two times of doing invitro just to find out really what was wrong. After the second time the doctor still didn't know what to do. It was another big blessing when he went to some kind of doctors conference and found only one other doctor that has ever seen my situation. The doctor told him what my problem was and what to try. So when I went back for the third and last time he told me "if this doesn't work then there was nothing else left to try." After all the shots, medications, disappointment, money, out of control hormones, and so much more it was a huge success! I was pregnant with two beautiful babies.
The pregnancy was a little harder then being pregnant with Jaxson of course, but ever thing went a smooth as possible with a few hiccups. When 38 weeks came the doctors finally told me we could bring our two miracle babies to this world. Madelyn's head was down just right so I then had to make a decision. Do I just go with a c-sections or do I try to have them normally with the chance that Addison, after Madelyn was born could come down feet first and then have to have a c-section too. That would mean I would have to heal in two places while trying to take care of two babies. But if I didn't have to have a C-section then I would be better off taking care of my babies. After a lot of consideration I decided to go for it.
Madelyn was first born into this world on March 28, 2008 at 1:57 P.M. with no complications, then it was Addison's turn. After Madelyn was born Addison decided she liked the room and she wasn't coming down. 28 minutes later Addison worked her way down but decided to make it a little tricky. She came down with her head and feet at the same time.
A baby can't come in that position so we just had to wait. Will she come easy or will she decide to come feet first? My doctor then decided to pinch her foot in hoping that she would kick up. Whew it worked! Addison came to join all of us 28 minutes later, 2:25 P.M. A lot more happened after that but I won't bore you with all the details.
I could talk about raising twins for hours, but let me tell you this, they are two different spirits, with two different personalities, and two different needs. I Love it! Heavenly Father has blessed me with three healthy beautiful children and I am so lucky.
Happy Birthday Addison and Madelyn! I love you!

For all of you that would like to see how huge I got,
here you go. To my defense the gown adds
10 pounds

Addison on the left, Madelyn on the right.

Ryan a proud new father of two.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Got To Love A Warm Sunny Day!

It has been absolutely beautiful these last couple of days. I feel so happy this week. There is definitely something to say about getting your vitamin D in for the day. Here's a couple of pictures I took today.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Jaxson Always Suprises Me

The other morning Jaxson asked me if he could do some art, (Which means coloring, painting, etc...) Anyway he finished coloring and asked me to come see what he did. I looked at the scribbling page and told him, "Wow Jaxson that looks great! Lets put it on the fridge." He was all excited that I was excited and then we put his picture on the fridge.
Later that night when Ryan came home from work, I headed to the fridge to get dinner out when the picture Jaxson drew caught my attention. It had Jaxson's name spelled on it.
I asked Ryan, "Did you help Jaxson write his name this morning when he was coloring?"
Ryan replied "No."
So of course I asked him, "Are you sure? because I didn't."
"I'm sure Mandy."
I took the picture off the fridge and asked Jaxson "Did you write your name by yourself?"
"Yes Mom."
I still didn't believe it so I took out a piece of paper and marker and asked Jaxson to write it again. And he did! What the...

I knew that Jaxson was tracing his name at school, but I had know idea he could actually write it. Sometimes I feel like I have know idea what I am doing as a mom. I never know what Jaxson can and can't do. I would work with him more if I actually knew what he could do at what age. It's always a guessing game. I am so thankful Jaxson is healthy, happy, learning and growing. I love him so much and I am so grateful for every moment with him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boy Are They Stubborn!!!

After I posted last I decided it was time to quit feeding them the breast all together.
It has now been 48 hours of no milk and nothing has happened. They are hating the bottle or sippy cup more then ever. Instead of feeding them food 3 times a day and milk in between, I am feeding them 7 times a day of baby food.
It finally dawned on me today of what I should do. Instead of trying and trying to force them to drink something, (I even forced milk down them with a syringe) I am just going to feed them food when they are hungry, and always have something there for them to drink. No trying to force anything! They are getting some liquids from their food and they aren't starving. Maybe then they won't absolutely hate even the sight of the sippy cup coming their way. (They actually hide their face with their hands when they see the sippy cup.) They can't go without liquids forever.
After all who likes to be forced to do something. I think this route is going to work. Fingers crossed!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Help!!! Any Advice?

So my girls are coming up on there 1st birthday. It's a huge milestone and a lot of things change at a year like switching to cow's milk. So this is my dilemma, about 5 times this year I have trying to get them to take anything but the breast. I've tried every different bottle nipple, every kind of sippy cup, a plain cup, a straw, every kind of juice, formula, pumped breast milk, strawberry milk, and yes, even tried chocolate milk. Nothing!!! Absolutely nothing!!!
I finally called the nurse to ask what she thought I should do. She told me just to keep feeding them food but don't give them the breast. Oh and the best part is when she said, "That is why the doctor always says to give your baby a bottle at least once a day because when they become older it is a lot harder to get them to take anything." Oh really! I guess the doctor forgot to mention that one!
After I talked to the nurse I decided I would feed them the breast in the morning and at night and if they got hungry in the day I would just feed them baby food and keep offering the cup, bottle, or sippy cup. It's been two days now and nothing. They just keep holding out for the night time feeding. They have to be thirsty in the day wouldn't they? Now what? Do I just quit feeding them the breast all together until they are so thirsty? Do I wait a few more days? They are cranky and crying a lot, I will take any advice any one has for me. You would think that at least one of my girls would give in. Nope! Not one!
What do I do?

Monday, March 2, 2009

I Love This Stage!

I love this stage the girls are at right now, they seriously make me laugh a lot. I know I'm bias but this video is hilarious. I watched it like thirty times.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jaxson's Latest Funny Quote.

"Mom, did you know the Holy Ghost is a snow angel?"

He told me after we got home from church last week. It was funny because the next morning Madelyn woke up at six o'clock to eat and so I have to quickly and quietly go in her room before she wakes up Jaxson. Well while I was feeding Madelyn I could hear Jaxson come out of his room. Why does he have to wake up so early? Anyway when I was finished putting Madelyn back down I shut her door and when I turned around Jaxson was right behind me sitting down. I asked him "Jaxson why are you up so early?" He replied, "Mom the Holy Ghost told me to jump out of bed." I guess he was listening in church this week. He must of came up with that one from one of the stories his primary teacher told him. Jaxson is super funny!

The Fighting Begins!

Addison and Madelyn are alomost 11 months now. They are so much fun these days!
Since Addison is just starting to crawl and Madelyn is trying to walk, Madelyn as you can see in these pictures has the upper hand. It can get pretty rough. Madelyn is constantly stealing every toy, or every cracker right out of her hands, and of course out of the top of Addy's lungs I hear about it. Addison is starting to defend her self and is getting very good at moving the toy right when Maddy tries to get it, or she steals the toy right back. Watch the video and see for yourself. Even though I don't like fighting, it is actually pretty hilarious to watch. I love my sweet sweet girls!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jaxson's Quote for the Day

"Mom did you know that dinosaurs are Exstink? That means that they are no longer around."

What? Where did he learn that! I love it, Exstink! I asked him where he learned that and he told me "Mrs. Esparza told me." (That's his preschool teacher) I guess they are teaching my 3 year old things?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Picture Taking Time Again!

Please don't let them cry! Please don't let them cry! Those are the words I am usually thinking of when I go get pictures done. As long as they don't cry, I am okay with the out come. But look how fabulous they turned out, thanks to Caroline who is my favorite photographer.
The girls will be 10 months old next week. Can you even believe it! My little girls are getting bigger by the minute. Addison is just about to crawl any minute. For all of you who remembered she cried all day every day for about 6 months, and now she is such a peach. I just want to squeeze her checks all day long. Madelyn seriously wants to walk right now. She pulls herself up on everything. She is such a little smarty pants, always getting into things and follows me around the house every where I go. It makes me laugh, every time I look down there she is. I love my sweet little girls so much!

The other sweet baby in the first picture is Addy and Maddy's Cousin, Halle. She was born only 4 days before the twins came. How fun huh!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How fast do you type?

54 words


I thought I typed fast, But not 87 words per minute. I didn't know a persons fingers could move that fast.

Jaxson's Quote For The Day

"That Ahhh Chooo was the biggest Ahhh Choo ever!"
(Jaxson sneezed really loud.)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Madelyn's First Time Sick With The Flu

This was Madelyn's first time sick with the flu. Acctually it is her first time ever being sick. I seriously think it is one of the saddest thing to see your 9 month old throwing up until there is nothing left to throw up. Madelyn couldn't keep anything down for about 2 days. One of the hardest parts was to keep her from Addy and Jaxson. We'll see in a couple of day's if I did a good job of keeping her away. I seriously washed me and Jaxson's hands 50 million times. I'm crossing my fingers.